Point Requirements for 2018 - 2019 school year

  • 4 service points

  •  20 spirit

    • meetings, lunch groups, family hangouts, family competitions

Points will be evaluated on a yearly basis, with semesterly check ins. Those who are not meeting the minimum may be subject to a judiciary meeting with the vice president.

To see a more thorough breakdown of what events you have earned points from click on a link below: Spirit Points Service Points

Addison Frese61
Alex Almeida101
Aleck Hernandez51
Angie Gonzales51
Annie Hermis72
Arun Dashmohapatra61
Cameron Hill82
Cameron Mays70
Carlton Wiley30
Claire Ballard61
Claire Jenkins40
Corbyn Gilmore82
Cordrianne Cantu71
Cynthia Ramos60
Dalton Droddy41
Daniel Ruedi10
Emily Nevill52
Emily Sisk40
Eric Wehlmann123
Erica Peterson72
Erin Hurst21
Ethan Loveland92
Garett Sartin01
Gavin Rutledge40
Hayden Altman10
Hunter Hamon51
Ian Rowatt92
Jake Alfano40
Jeff Giacomel81
Joey Thompson92
Justin Partyka92
Kate Phuah40
Kaylin Ware61
Kelsey Sevcik51
Khang Dang143
Kyle Bender71
Lauren Castro71
Lauren Shepherd21
Mason Malone71
Matthew Valdez61
Mia Hendershot30
Nick Tran102
Owen Lynch82
Phil Kramer102
Sam Schlicher61
Samantha Miller50
Sophie McVay60
Tierra Gandara92
Tommy Ho52
Tyson Mallioux20
Vincent Rodriguez62
Walker Clayton30