11/8 Meeting

At tonight’s general meeting we wrote letters to veterans, deployed troops, first responders, and new recruits in honor of Veteran’s Day on Sunday. We will be sending the letters to Operation Gratitude for distribution. We want to thank all those who serve or have served our country.

Next we had a town hall style discussion sharing ideas and events our members want to see Twelve implement, also we talked about how we can effectively improve our organization.

We finished off the night with a family competition: The Saltine Challenge. Two families tied for first place with 18 crackers eaten between three people in 60 seconds. One staff member was able to finish off NINE! I bet you can tell which one by looking at his face in the pic below :)


Recruitment SZN

'Tis the season to collect flyers in front of the MSC (or avoid eye contact with the banner-ers) Please take our flyer! 

We've been nailing down some last minute details with recruitment events and finishing up our advertising materials! MSC Open House was today and we loved getting to know some of you, and look forward to seeing y'all at our informationals! 

If you have any pressing questions shoot us a message on our contact page and we'll get back to you by email. 


June Work Weekend

We put in a lot of work in Spring 2018 coming up with ideas, organizational structure, and jumping through the necessary bureaucratic hoops to start an organization. In June we were finally fully recognized as a Texas A&M student organization and we got to work on the fun stuff: bonding, painting, and designing t shirts for our future members!